Reed’s Hungary salary guide 2024

Our 2024 salary guide looks at average salaries in Hungary and benefits across 10 sectors. The guide uses data from jobs posted in Hungary to outline key trends and insights, enabling you to benchmark average pay for your employees, find out what to aim for in a new role, or what your current one should be offering. Download our free guide now to compare average salaries and benefits across Hungary.

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As Hungary continues to navigate high inflation and costs, the landscape looks uncertain for employers. We can expect the jobs market to become much more active as the year progresses and professionals gain confidence to leave stable roles for new opportunities.

It’s fundamental in this candidate-driven market to check your salaries and benchmark against your competition to ensure you can attract and retain the right professionals. 

Using data from jobs posted by Reed, our 2024 Hungary salary guide is the ultimate salary checker. By using our guide to inform your average salary, you’ll understand what jobs are worth across the country, helping your organisation stand out from the crowd when hiring, or when looking for a new position. 

To further inform you, we conducted a survey of 818 professionals in Hungary on salaries, benefits, and finances.

 Our survey says…

  • 56% are actively or considering looking for a new job

  • 45% are happy with their current salary

  • 71% desire an annual increment


The Hungarian jobs market shows signs of growth in 2024

“This year, the job market in Hungary is expected to grow at a steady pace, although we will likely see a candidate shortage, as professionals leave the country for better opportunities. Over the last year, the inflation rate reached 17.6% and food prices increased but we’re already seeing signs of this stabilising and inflation has lowered significantly.”

Klára Pethő, Country Manager, Reed

Why download the Reed Hungary salary guide?

  • Ours is the most trusted salary guide in Hungary. With data at your fingertips, you can ensure you are best informed to make the right choices. This salary guide allows you to compare salaries across Hungary – from accountancy and finance jobs through to the latest technology roles. Reed also conducted a survey to tell us what the most desirable salaries and benefits are across the country.

  • Within this guide, our specialist experts examine what employers and candidates are searching for across Hungary. Giving you their unique perspectives, an overview of recruitment on a national level, and an understanding of what to expect from the jobs market in 2024.

  • Use our 2024 Hungarian salary guide to understand your worth, help you decide on a new job you have been offered, or plan for your next step on the career ladder. Could you earn more by switching sectors?

  • You can use our salary guides to compare pay and benefits, allowing you to ensure your remuneration packages are up to date and competitive. It’s vital to stay ahead of the game as failure to do so could leave job application numbers low and your competition thriving. 

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