Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Job description

 Our prestigious multinational partner company is looking for Senior Embedded Software Engineer colleagues.

Why it is a good opportunity for you:

• Value added processes, complex tasks – good motivator for long term
• Attractive, innovative work environment
• Competitive salary package

What you will be doing:

• Design, development and maintenance the open-source embedded platform services, applications
• Design and development embedded Linux application; debugging and performance tuning
• Complete new feature study/design and implementation
• Troubleshoot critical software issues from the Test team and customers
• Design and code review to ensure the quality of delivery
• Support customers' integration with their applications

Requirements that make you the best candidate:

• Master's or Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or a related technical discipline
• 5+ years of experience in embedded Linux C programming; especially knowledge about Linux in: file system; TCP/IP Networking; device drivers; IPC; memory management; processes scheduling
• Experience in Linux compilation systems like GNU make, Autotools and CMake Linux application debugging skills using GNU tools like gdb, objdump, readelf, and coredump analysis
• Experience in shell/Python scripting


• Good Android knowledge and Qualcomm platform experience
• Good C++ language knowledge
• Security knowledge (Secure boot/MAC/TrustZone, etc.)
• Knowledge of the embedded hypervisor architectures (Type 1/2)
• Experience in the open-source community
• Experience in AutoSAR

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