Temporary Recruitment

Planned project work

Contract recruitment is a flexible form of cooperation between a company and a specialist that clearly identifies the duration and performance of the tasks entrusted. This form of employment is on its raise across the market, employing mainly IT specialists.

The contract is usually signed for a shorter period of time (6-12 months). The employee does not sign a contract directly with the company where he will work, but with the agency recruiting him for the project. As part of the contracting agreement, REED employees receive primarily:

  • Flexible project work
  • Complete handling of the recruitment process, employment provided by REED
  • Internal HR department - HR recruitment processes
  • Minimizing formalities related to payroll and other human resources
  • Using the expertise of outside professionals
  • Elastic contractor employment opportunities

Contracting is often the best way to verify suitability of a candidate.

If the contractor works well for the company, they have an opportunity to employ him or her permanently.

This flexible form of collaboration attracts ambitious professionals who, thanks to their work on various projects, have the opportunity to increase their experience and thus provide high level support on the projects they are involved in.